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Jul. 22nd, 2017

More Bunny Tales

The four of them stood outside the Shack Shake as the lights when out, the shadows turning yellow from the street lamp.

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Finally home.

Two hundred yards.

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Jul. 20th, 2017

Last night in Vancouver

Ti bolted out of bed a strange voice cried out through the force begging yo be saved.

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Jul. 18th, 2017

Rose Bed

Nicfingon froze when she met Anna harvesting meat as she ran back on her two wooden peg legs, her mouth already dripping blood as she stood there trying to disbelieve what she was seeing she felt the arrow prince her gut then pinning her to the ground.

She had to move. The injured were not safe. Her fingers slipped off the shaft unable to get any traction.

The Quest

“Maybe she though you were dead or something ?” Zooey's words held the gaze of the ancient man, did the man even see normal? Ahkey hoped that he did have normal sight, well she was counting on it.

If she could get behind him to strike before this battle started maybe it would end without them being dead or a skeleton slave.

She felt for her best blade, this was going to take all she could muster.

Love Banks

Pulling up to the warehouse, the trio could hear the heated words of an argument spilling out.

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Romana's Adventure

あき was happy. She had a good pilot, a vet with a state of the art medical bay. Well it was more of a droid that was state of the art. It was hard to find medical supplies to fill it. One day if she can keep this bucket of bolts together maybe during peace things will be easier.

We can dream. She was alive, she had her ship with a fine crew. Not much more she needed.


Rutt didn't want yo go to sleep. She was not worried that the Forrest beasts would find her. She was terrified that the one eyed trouser snakes would come humping through the night, slicking down all they would touch.

Why hadn't anyone told her? People should be warned.

Star Wars Descendants

Was this death?

Would she have to answer for all drinks she drank?

Would she have to beg forgiveness from her liver?

Dixie blacks out again.

More Bunny Tales

Amber stuffs another tater tot into her mouth, letting her cheeks expand with the potato goodness. She let of a sigh of contentment.

Roxie shakes her head, “Amber you have to stop eating the tater tots, it can't be healthy.” She pushed the gigantic basket into the two others.

“Thee rrr sooo goooogf” she manages to mumble through the wall of growing potato paste, while Biff rolls his eyes.

“You are so gross amber. Where did you grow up on, a pig farm.”

Amber shrinks a little in the booth, was this disgust or Biff flirting with her again. It was so hard to figure him out. Deciding it was just better to slurp her milkshake until she could form words again.

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